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The famous game of poker has been, over time, expanded with the addition of different specialties in different forms of gambling that are based on basic poker but change or enhance some sides and as a result some rules, often these variations have been introduced for the benefit of poker in the form of tournaments. We must distinguish the difference between the word and the word variant specialty, specialties are games that differ from the original form of the game from which they are derived, while the variants are applied to different specialties, using the same rules of the original game but with the choice of a variant rather than another.

Possible variants are five: A fixed limit where the raises are limited to a predetermined maximum and are bound by it can not exceed the number of three hands, to hand over any remaining only 2 competitors, in that case the number of raises has no limits. limit to the pot in which the upper limit is indicated by the extent of plate, to which must be added the episodes to see the revival underway. Unlimited and then with the opportunity to raise any money for an infinite number of raises. High and Low (High-low split) is the formula that provides for the division of the plate between the winning hand and the low hand possible present for the low hand means a hand consisting of 5 cards and mismatched less than 9.

 Among the most popular specialty game of poker, many involving the use of community cards, ie cards, face up in the middle of the table can be used by all players to compose the best final score, combining them together with their cards. Let's see in detail the various specialties: Telesina (or Theresa) One of the most popular poker games arising from that is played with one card deck and no community cards.

Omaha Omaha is also one of the specialties of poker that belong to the so-called community cards . Tic Tac Toe Another specialty of poker played with community cards but is not widely used in the casinos, is mostly played at home. Badugi This specialty comes from Eastern countries but is spreading in the United States and provides a scale scores very different from the traditional. Caribbean Poker And 'one of the specialties of the most popular poker in American casinos, players do not collide with each other but against the dealer.

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