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Playing poker on several tables Rate this article: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (No Ratings Yet) When playing online poker, you have a number of advantages, the main thing - the possibility of simultaneous games on several tables. If you are new to poker, do not recommend this game to start immediately, you must first learn how to play well at the table one, and only then move on multitable. It's not very exciting, but necessary. If you want to learn how to play poker profitably, avoid the temptation to open several tables. Keep the good spirits, and "do not play bad cards.

Playing multiple tables - it is a step above the subsequent poker stage. If you played on one table, "minus", do not need to hope that a miracle will happen and you'll be on 2-3 tables to play in the "plus". This maneuver will only lead you to higher amounts of money lost. When you feel confident in the game on the same table, in fact, then you have to try yourself in the game simultaneously on multiple tables.

The higher the number of hands played, the more experienced you become, and experience in poker is no less important than in other areas. Good hand you do not have to wait long, the game will become livelier with better maps. If you have a poker appeared early successes should go the way of increasing the number of gaming tables, taking care not to enhance the gaming limits. Why? As the number of lost and won money at a few tables $ 0.5-1 may fluctuate less than in the game on one table playing $ 1-2 and the main on the tables with lower limits sit much more weak players who are ready to replenish your bankroll.

You can play at PokerStars in particularly fast "Zoom poker". Its essence lies in the fact that the distribution of ending, once you get on a table in the game without losing a second. In this opening only one table "Zoom Poker", you are in a continuous game without lining, as this inevitably occurs when playing multiple tables. Unscripted, normal poker player can hardly play more than 4-6 tables at the same time when there were a few years ago, people who have played 20 of their first employees pokerrumov banili, considering that this bot plays, while the players have not proven otherwise. Today this number will not surprise anyone.

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