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Omaha Poker is so to speak a kind of Texas Hold'em. Games are not just similar, but almost identical. Many poker players love this particular poker game, a great chance for a winning combination.

Omaha Poker Rules

As in Texas Hold'em, the game begins with the bets that players do. Small and big blinds make players left of the dealer. Dealer determined Button (chip), which goes to the player at the end of the game, clockwise.

Players are dealt four cards instead of two as in Texas Hold'em. Placed on the table five cards, three in the open, and two in the closed form. In general, the player opens the chance to collect a combination of nine cards, but do not delude ourselves in the game has its tricks.

The player can be used to collect a combination of only two cards and three of the five that are on the table of course. Many fans of Texas Hold'em argue that Omaha is a game of cards than playing with other participants.

Says this is because often choose the cards that you have to sacrifice because of the rules of the game leaving for collecting combine only two of their cards.

Example: the player is dealt K-K-K-8, and is on the table 7-5-10-K-9. Wanted to get a combination course of the four kings, but it is necessary to leave only two kings and receive all the same three kings.

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