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Baccarat online today easily be found in many online casinos. Players offer to try your hand at several varieties of games. The rules are a little different, but the essence and the scheme of the game remains the original. The game takes place in a specially gaming table. Actors: the player, the dealer and a deck of cards. Goal of the game - to score nine points or number as close as possible to it.

Game rules are simple baccarat online, although they may seem complex. Before the cards are dealt in the game is allowed to make three kinds of bets: «player» (player), «banker» (banker or dealer) and «tie» (draw). The first means that the player is betting on his victory. Second - the rate that win dealer (banker). The third - a bet on a draw, ie the fact that the player and the dealer will have the same number of points. After the cards are dealt rates - two player and the dealer. In the classical version of the game the cards are dealt, players take turns, ie after drawing cards with box ("clogs") moves to the next player, who deals the cards in the next game.

Typically more decks of cards, as in blackjack and other card games. Cards are dealt from a special box, which can be six to eight decks. Next comes the hand count of the dealer and the player. Further game depends on this count. Maps believe in such denominations all cards from two to nine -correspond to their face value, a dozen cards, Jack, Queen, King are zero balls ace equals one ball. So, the player or the dealer wins if, immediately gaining nine balls in the sum of two cards. If the amount exceeds 10 cards, tens cleaned.

Thus, if you are out in the distribution of 7 and 5, you will have 12 balls. In this case, tens remove - is 2. In some embodiments of the game if the player and the dealer are gaining less than 5 balls, then allowed to take a third card. Originally wins the player with either 9 or less than nine, but more than the opponent. Under the rules, a third card (talon) and can get a player and the dealer, but depending on the sum of the first two cards. Thus, a player can get talon only when the total score after the distribution is equal to or less than 5. In other cases, a third card is issued.  For dealer (banker) third card rules a bit more complicated, but it fulfills all the rules automatically, without asking the player, so the players know the rules for the dealers is not so important.

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