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Poker - is an interesting game with a long and colorful history. In the early nineteenth century in New Orleans and Mississippi riverboat appeared card game "Poker" . To play in "Poker" was used only 20 cards, and permitted only one round of bidding. Gradually, the game spread across the country, acquiring new forms to the extent that the old version of poker became clear and understandable. Five card draw poker, five and seven card stud poker, lowball poker, high-low poker, and has later appeared several varieties of poker Texas Hold'em and Omaha, who joined the poker. 

Lately poker gained even more popularity due to the emergence of mini-cameras, which allow viewers to follow the major poker tournaments and watch the progress of the game. As a result, the most boring poker tournaments have become an interesting sight, for you can watch and understand what is trying to make poker players . Incredibly, a game that was considered strange, acquired the status of a sporting event. On television often show one of the varieties of poker - Texas Hold'em No Limit. 

Currently tournaments No Limit Texas Hold'em , there are the same number as there are tournaments for all the others put together varieties of poker and within each major championship competition present in No Limit Texas Hold'em with high stakes, is the culminating event of the championship game of poker . Televised competitions in no-limit Texas Hold'em show three times a week (not counting reruns). Every day no-limit Texas Hold'em on the Internet passes hundreds of thousands of tournaments from the competition at the same table with an entrance fee and $ 1 before the event with a few tables for admission to which you want to pay a few hundred dollars and a prize pool in excess of $ 100,000.

However world poker there are white spots. In bookstores you can find a huge number of books devoted to Limit Hold'em. But virtually no books on poker "mania" last time - No Limit Hold'em. And this situation is understandable if we recall the history of hold'em. For many years held a few tournaments a year-Limit Hold'em poker with high stakes. All game holdem were conducted exclusively in the halls of the casino, and then only played limit hold'em. And newcomers had to start the game with a limit Texas Hold'em . Now the situation has changed at the poker tables, and beginners can start playing poker no-limit Texas Hold'em young, but unlimited rates.

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