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With numerous television broadcasts of poker in recent years this game is becoming more and more popular, even online. Now anyone can create an account at a poker site and start playing. Let's see how to do it.

Site selection
On the web you can find many sites that allow you to create an account and start playing online poker. It 's very easy: Googling " online poker "," poker room "," poker game free "," internet poker "and the like, you will find thousands of sites that will list the various online poker rooms. many online poker sites offer the welcome bonus that, according to the filing you perform on the site, will give you more money, helping you to start playing with a larger budget.

Create Account
After comparing the best sites and choosing one on which you'll want to register your account, simply go to the official website of the poker room choice. There, you will certainly find written " registered ". Then click on it and you will be redirected to the registration page. To complete the registration you will just have to answer, step by step, all the information that the site will ask you. Finally, you choose the method you want to use to transfer the amount you want credited to your online account. After downloading the small software, you are ready to start playing online poker.

Install and play!
As soon as the download is complete, you will need to install the software to access the poker room. After the quick installation, click on the software, enter your data, and finally you will have access to the online poker room. Now you will notice that there are various sections such as cash games, tournaments, sit & go etc ... Mode cash you point your hands with your own money. Some tournaments allow you to return to the game by paying the price of the rebuy, even if you lost all your chips. These are the basic information you need to start playing good poker at all!

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