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Very often the players have a question - How to win at online casinos and not to be deceived ? I specially prepared this article that will help you clarify a lot. Let's start with the second - how not to be cheated in the casino. It's very simple recommendation - should only play in an honest online casino with good customer support and normal software. On the question of honesty of online casinos I wrote in the article What is an online casino . A casino with a good selection of software will help our site, here we try to publish only verified.

Thus, we go to the main question - How to win at online casinos ? The first thing we distinguish two concepts - casual casino win and systematic winnings at the casino. Any online casino is such a thing as a payout ratio (Payout). In some states it, some do not. At our site in the description of each casino has a parameter, it is specified as a percentage. For example 97%. This means that all of the proceeds from the casino itself takes only 3%, it is his profit, and the rest, it pays out as winnings. Therefore, the larger the percentage, the better for the players. A good indicator is 97-98%. The truth is the average, every game your payout.

Next you need to look at the game that you are going to play, and what strategy. For example, if you play on the optimal strategy in blackjack, the advantage of a gambling house (House Edge) will be only 0.43%. To increase your chances of winning in a casino - play over strategy games with the lowest casino advantage. Decide on a game that you play carefully review the rules and strategy of the game. Find out how much% in this game will be the casino's advantage, the smaller it is - the better.

Deposit bonuses - when you make money in a casino, you are free bonuses, typically a percentage of the deposit. For example contributed $ 100, you were given an additional $ 100. Hence it will greatly help us to win in the casino. We need such bonuses. Monthly and weekly bonuses - the same as a deposit, you can only receive them every month / week. We are also needed.

No deposit bonuses - given at registration without making a deposit. But the value of these bonuses is usually small, and the conditions are wagering large. So - we do not need. Sticky bonuses - the same as deposit bonuses, but the main difference is that the value of the bonus is deducted from your balance when you withdraw money. Although they also increase our chances, but I try not to such contact may simply not know how yet :)

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