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This game like Caribbean Stud Poker, can be considered as one of the most popular forms of poker used casino-online. The basic objective of the game is to gain a better combination than the one which has the dealer. Immediately before the distribution, you must carry out a bet on the ante. Next, the player and the dealer receive five cards. The cards are dealt face open. After evaluation of the cards, it is possible to reset the card or make your own bet. When you reset the card recognition occurs loss and loss of ante. If the game goes on, there is a showdown. The winner receives a payoff equal to the ante, and the amount of the basic rate, based on a combination of the player's cards.

In Caribbean Poker you can also bet on such a field exercise as a jackpot. f the dealer poker situation is completely absent, the player's cards are irrelevant. The player receives a prize in the amount of the ante. If the dealer has a certain combination, the situation is equalized. Winner is the one who has higher combination. This form of poker is quite popular among online casinos . At the beginning of online poker games the bet Ante, after which the dealer gives each player card in the amount of five pieces. One of the cards (the last one) he puts himself and opens it.

Looking cards, the player may proceed as follows: either continue playing by clicking Call, or fold by pressing the Fold. If you choose the second option, mandatory Ante bet goes in favor of the casino. provided the opportunity to replace as many cards as casino player sees fit. However, the replacement cost of each card has the value Ante. The dealer opens the card in order to compare the combination, after all players in the online poker decide: whether to continue the game or fold. Winning combination that turned over a combination dealer.

Many wonder: "And what game is different from the traditional Oasis?" The fact that in this game online casinos give the opportunity to win the jackpot. Ante window over there called Jackpot designed to bet. Put in this window can be in front of each new distribution that gives a chance to participate in the drawing of the Progressive Jackpot. Equal to the minimum bid amount, which is already on the table. Casinos will announce in advance a winning combination, the happy owner who won the jackpot.

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