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Seven Card Stud Poker (7 Card Stud) to 80 years of the twentieth century was the most popular form of poker in the world, but with the development of online technologies benefit received such poker games like Texas Hold'em and Omaha , as they are easier to be adapted for online games . But now, Seven Card Stud quickly returns lost position, because this game is considered to be the most interesting professional, aggressive and challenging poker game.

Seven Card Stud can be played with two to eight people at a time. Before you start distributing all players make a certain contribution to the bank, it is called the "ante" and, as a rule, its size is 1/5 of the minimum bet (but not necessarily). Then the dealer from his left, clockwise delivers all the players two cards face down and one face up. This open map called " dor map "and trade at this stage of the game called" third Street , "or the third street in Russian.

Seven Card Stud - the only kind of poker in which the suit separated by seniority. The oldest suit - spades, followed by hearts, diamonds, and the most junior suit - the Cross. Player dor card which has the smallest denomination must make a forced bet 2 ante. If several players have dropped the same card, such as the Group of Seven - then take into account the suit of the card.

The fifth and sixth straights do not differ from the fourth, the beginning of trade determines the strength of open cards. Seventh Street traditionally is called the "river", it still players receive one card. Trade opens the same player who made ​​the first bet on sixth street. The latest round of trade - the players show their cards.

Bank takes the player with the strongest combination (all conventional poker hand are described in Poker Hands ). If two or more players have the same hand combination, the winner is determined by the kicker - the most powerful card that is not involved in a play, but there is a player's hand. If kickers and equal - the pot is split between all winners.

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