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It's no secret that when the poker table is a game, it involves not only the players but also the dealer. Man, the professionalism which depends atmosphere and the level of organization of the game at the table. Certainly, the dealer - one of the key figures in the club poker. So what kind of profession, what are its features and what psychological rubs these people?  Dealer I worked a short time - a total of two years. Generally, in the gaming industry since 1995, I, went through all the steps in the casino, after that first took up poker club, then sports. Opened the first poker club in St. Petersburg, in the casino "Premier". Now specialist Russian Sport Poker Federation, manager of the regional poker clubs. - How did you get into this business? - Casino dealer - a man who stands behind a huge machine, which includes security services, pit bosses, inspectors who are always ready to help and advise.

Dealer at the poker table not only plays the game, he keeps in touch with all the players, he had not been worth it. This is a completely different level of communication with people, some level of communication within the structure, that is, with other dealers, with their bosses. Heaviest - retrain good dealer casino poker. Relearn should drastically. As practice shows, not everyone turns to readjust. - So, a poker dealer work harder? - By mental attitude is much more complicated poker game in any casino. - On the different types of poker dealer also work different? - Of course, due to the fact that different poker different distribution: somewhere open the cards are dealt, somewhere closed, somewhere we must throw off the deck, somewhere is not necessary, somewhere long deck play somewhere short. So that the technique works is significantly different. - What qualities should a dealer? - Communication skills, psychological stability, good counting skills.

A man came to work the dealer if he shows himself well, it grows fast enough. Few good, professionals in this business, and it turns out that the leadership of poker club is obliged to lift up the best workers. At this point the dealer - this is a job that ends very quickly. A year or two - is the maximum that it is now possible to sit out on the spot and the dealer will not rise. At least in some serious places valuable personnel are not scattered. Personnel shortage exists everywhere, in all industries. Here we try to raise people fast enough. Unlike Europe, where the dealer you have to work 15 years before you can qualify for the next position, we have this happens instantly.

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