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Distribution maps online poker is based on the random number generator. Random number generator created by programmers and is dependent on the computer that generates the function, it is the number which when converted to a random number, which is renting a specific card poker. If the online casino this pattern with great difficulty, but can be traced, in online poker this is impossible, since the game takes place with live opponents. Therefore online poker to win the next use.

First! Win at Online Poker can only be collective, for example, creates a team of players, which is where the 2, where three or more players are playing at the same table, but we need to play at the table one or more foreign players. Perhaps for this familiar programmer can even create a small application that displays the players and their cards, and cards in the deck, but it is for professionals. Statistics shows at once, who is with whom and how many times he played at the table, which were wins, etc. And the more you win paired with a particular player, the more likely it is that you can be convicted of conspiracy and cancel your account in the future part of the poker room you will be blacklisted. Other ways to show that you cheats or cheat I can not see.

Second! can cheat the administration of the poker room and special programs for the analysis of players. Elementary simple! To do this, create at least a dozen different accounts with different mailboxes with different electronic purses (decorated by friends or relatives) and with different lines of Internet access to ip- address differed may use dynamic ip- address is the address where point to the Internet with a new connection changes. Can use a proxy server, but it is often very slow. When changing the account is removed from browsers: temporary files, browsing history, cookies and data from web forms.

My opinion is to win some money honestly can, but a lot of money I think it is unlikely. When playing at a table with several rivals, we always pay attention to their behavior: players can play along with each other, their actions can be patterns. If you notice this, it is better to change the table. If you want to play big, and it is desirable to know their opponents - view their history of the game.

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