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At its core, multi-table poker tournaments resemble the game of survival. All players of the tournament start the game with the same amount of chips, previously obtained in a predetermined buy-in and fee. Participants multi-table poker tournament play groups at separate tables, fighting for chips competitors. In the present tournament blinds that start with a low level and gradually increased with the game. Players who have completed chips are eliminated from the tournament. In order to continue the game, some players are transplanted to other tables.

As a result, a long game, the final table are the strongest players, among which the winner is determined by a poker tournament. Number of prizes depends on the initial number of participants. The winner of the poker tournament is the player who has collected at all the chips. Sit-and-go - this is one of the varieties of poker tournaments, its main feature is that the start time of the tournament is not known beforehand. Tournament begins when will be busy all game sites. Sit-and-go has several varieties, they are distinguished by the number of participants, which can vary from 2 to 360. Learn about the venue and the conditions of participation in the tournament is in the client program on the "sit-and-go."

This poker tournament, which establishes a guaranteed prize pool regardless of the number of participants. Tournaments are scheduled, provided that the minimum number of players had accumulated. If the tournament is canceled, the players returned to their buy-ins and fees. One of the most popular poker tournaments for beginners and those wishing to practice are Freerolls. Freerolls (freerolls) - it's free tournaments, that is not made by the participants of the tournament buy-ins and pay no commissions.

This fact is often attracts beginners and people who want to practice the game of poker without spending money. Satellites are used as the qualifying stage of the tournament participants to identify a higher level. With their help, you can take part in a serious poker tournament, spending a small amount of money. Satellites on a planned schedule in the form of sit-and-gos.

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