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For many people the game of poker is one of the attractions that can be found in the casino offerings but many people also understand that this is a game with great difficulty playing and winning. This should be known that a current trend is the use of poker universities to learn to play this attractive game.

But many people may wonder at this point? poker? When in doubt creating word should be known that today, thanks to the growing number of people who want to learn to play this game a lot of people, skilled and unscrupulous, have decided to create courses where you can learn to play poker. Now you know and since this initial part of the poker universities time to learn a little more about them and know if it is worth entering them.

Texas Hold'em: In Texas Hold'em (Texas hold 'em) - the most popular form of poker today. It uses a standard poker deck of 52 sheets without jokers. Having the two pocket cards and 5 community players strive to create the best combination.

Seven Card Stud: This is the most popular version of stud poker (7card Stud). It may participate up to eight people. Goal - to make the best five-card combination of the seven cards. Three cards are dealt face down to the player (face up), the other four - open (face down). Maximum of 4 betting rounds. This poker game is for you, if you are tired of Hold'em. Variety of 7 Card Stud Poker 7 Card Stud High (normal) and 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo (Hi / Lo or High / Low)

Badugi: Badugi Poker (Badugi) - a poker game in which the best hand is A-2-3-4 offsuit. This is poker, where the combination is made up of four cards, there are 4 possible range of exchanging cards. As you know, the goal to collect on a combination of hands and as small as possible the true card (A - the smallest, highest card - K) of various stripes. Name of the game sounds very clever, if we consider that in Korea (and this kind of poker come from there) called Badugi dogs with multicolored wool.

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