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Best poker rooms for beginners do everything to newcomers to the poker felt as comfortable as possible. If you consider yourself a novice poker player, you will be offered at the micros games, freerolls for new players, tickets to freerolls for depositors, VIP program, through which you will receive additional prizes. On this page we have gathered sites that best fit to play poker for beginners. In addition to describing the above promotions, these poker rooms can also offer the inexperienced players a high quality support service to help resolve any issues 24 hours a day, high-quality software that will not distract you from the game hangs.

Play poker online is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. All poker sites on this page offer novice poker software of the highest quality. The interface will be intuitive, after five minutes of study. In order to start playing poker you will need to click on any of the selected us poker sites for beginners and page through the review of the poker room software download and complete the registration process in the poker room. I must say that the best prize in the freerolls offered to depositors, and participation in them is usually worth a couple of points of the poker room. Thus, it is better to make a small deposit and play poker for money , to gain these points and try his luck in tournaments with prizes weighty.

Poker novices must follow one simple strategy - play on the map (see " strength of starting hands in poker "). For novice poker players, we also prepared a series of articles about how to win at the micros . You'll be surprised at how simple strategy will help you win from the first days of the game. In most situations, you will not have much to bluff. You also need to keep the advantage and go into the game with just a strong starting hand and play a position. We also recommend you read " Poker Strategy "on our website, not to limit their knowledge of poker rules and poker combinations .

If you are a beginner and do not want to lose your entire bankroll, start stocking patience and slide habit to wait only strong starting hands. Do not try to "steal" a raise or re-raise pre-flop if you're holding a mediocre combinations. A variety of games on the flop will appear as haystacks, as you will be transformed from a novice player poker professional. Believe me, the higher limits - the more interesting the game, and the more bluff will cause confusion among the contenders. Gather patience and go for it!

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