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No matter whether you are a professional player or just starting to play at online casinos, then you've probably heard about the various systems in casino bonuses . This extra money credited to the player depending on the conditions of their receipt. Usually online casinos give out bonuses for activity, that is, the more you play - the more you get into the account. Through this promotion casino attracts more people to afford it, and motivates all the players to play as often as possible. magnitude of the bonus is not constant and very active players, it is usually higher. The most valuable casino are several dozens (hundreds) of players who play more and spend more, respectively, for their casino will be more generous.

But the chance of winning, of course, this generosity is not available. Gift in the form of additional money to the motive is for the player to play more, and for the casino it's not too expensive. Each online casino has its own system of bonuses . However, most of all, there are three main types: Bonuses given without additional deposit. Such bonuses the player can get caught any help casinos it is not necessary to make money in the account. For example, one of the largest online casino "Goldfishka" has a special unlimited bonus, which is issued for each new player you brought. With the right approach, you can continuously play for real money, while not putting the game nothing but time.

Bonuses given for deposit. In it players in their first deposit receive double the amount of the account, and each time the first payment in the new month has an extra 50% on the bill. Bonus bet. In this type of bonus, each player receives a bonus for having committed rate. During the week, these points are accumulated, and in the end the player will receive the same amount of deposit bonus. Also, each active player according to the time spent in the game, given the status (bronze, silver, gold, platinum). Depends on the status, the value of earning rewards. Straight vicious circle, where everything is interconnected.

Particularly professional bonus hunters can play simultaneously for multiple accounts, while their earnings obtained large enough. Hopefully text clarifies the subject of bonuses at online casinos. Help you understand all the possible bonus systems, show that it is possible to squeeze out of the online casino is quite large sums of money. Now your turn, choose a casino to their liking and start playing. You lucky!

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