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Certainly many have a question: "In what casino to play?". Where can I find all these great games, and the game to be honest and decent service? Although there are in the network and scam, but many very deserving online casino! I offer you the best online casinos, where you will find all the games described here. Note that in the west casino software is often determined that the casino uses. There are several large companies, software providers that offer the same and a very wide range of different casino games. It's real and honest quality software, and I would suggest to you dear places on this software.

Microgaming software - a leading online casino software on all parameters: Most casino (about 80 pieces), most games (over 500!), most fans among players. Of course, of the 500 best games of slot machines, but also on any other games richest choice: video poker varieties of blackjack, card games, roulette. . Honesty games guaranteed by the fact that the casino does not have access to the software, all the servers are in the hands of the Microgaming and supplier cheat and risk reputation unprofitable. In addition, this software is one of the most expensive, so from a financial standpoint casinos also reliable. You can play virtually any casino with this software, I recommend you a couple.

PlayTech software - the second most popular, is only slightly inferio : about 60 casinos under 200 games, a lot of fans, especially in Russia. The casino with this software, you can note a rather large number of unique games that can not be found elsewhere (mahjong, stravaganza, tequila poker), many arcade games as well as games, especially roulette with video broadcast. That casino from PlayTech with attention look at Russian-speaking market, a lot of casinos completely (poster, support, software, accept Webmoney).

Bids with quite humane, basically start from 10 cents. Popular among Russians, many casinos with this software, but I would suggest you a couple. First - William Hill , you're probably familiar with this name, it is one of Britain's largest bookmakers. So apart from a reliable casino you get access to betting, poker, games, bingo, etc. Second casino belongs to the same group (a casino from western manufacturers often grouped up to a dozen or more sites), focused on the Russian market, they also presented a number of flash games for this site.

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