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If you want to try to play bingo online, but you do not want to put into play for real money, you can try the free bingo flash, and play directly from your browser, with no download, no registration, and above all without risking a single penny. In that case you'll play using virtual money that has no value, and you can enjoy and understand the operation of the game before moving on to real money mode.

The Ballistic Bingo is perfect for new players, so they can do a little 'experience and have fun with no time limit. The game is one of the 90 bingo balls with folders with 15 numbers on each, arranged in 9 vertical lines as in the classic version of the game.

To start playing, you must first select the folder that you purchase cost, which you can pay from 10 cents up to 5 € each. You can then select from 1 to 8 folders, increasing or reducing your chances of making bingo, but at the same time also the expenditure for the game.

When you have purchased your folders, you can click on the button "Play" to start the game, and the first to be able to complete one or more folders, the higher the payout you will put in your pocket. Bingo made ​​within the first 40 numbers drawn pays 5,000 times your stake in the game, the bingo within 50 numbers pays 750 times your stake, and so on decreasing until the bingo within 84 numbers drawn, which pays 0.5 to 1 as reported by the pay table that is constantly visible on the right side of the screen.

To make the game faster, you can avail of the Turbo function . In fact, if you think that the balls are drawn too slowly, and you immediately know if and how much you won, then you can click on the button that says "Turbo Off" and the game will proceed much faster. Ballistic Bingo is a fun game of bingo flash that we propose below in the free version.

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