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Who are the users of online casino at least once have not tried your luck at roulette ? Much of this spinning ball in the drum, marked "pockets" with numbers, large playing field - the first thing that comes to mind is a person and is associated with the word "casino". Roulette tempted for the opportunity to bid a different level: try to guess the number that would be happy for you, or characteristic number (black / red, odd / even, high / low).

Species and types of roulette in online casinos there is a huge variety of species ranging from the drum and the playing field to the size of the minimum and maximum rates. Play roulette is always interesting. You can also try yourself strategies for whom developed many games.

Craps or craps is one of the oldest gambling worldwide. In his time playing dice even residents of the Roman Empire. Today bone successfully migrated to the online casino and still collect money from their virtual desktops large number of players competing for real money in the game.

Bones - one of the most popular online gambling in the world. Craps strategy is one of the most simple:  can be long enough. Well, of course, is to rely on luck.

Slot machines can also be considered a kind of online gambling. To date, they collected near him millions of gamblers. Arcades for money especially attractive to the players that largely do not require special knowledge and skills to play the game.

However, many machines in the virtual casinos offer players attractive bonus system astounding progressive jackpots and a large percentage of returns. Development of game software for slots today engaged in the largest corporations in the world: " Microgaming "," Playtech "," Boss Media "," Cryptologic "and many others.

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