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Blackjack game (Blackjack) popularly called "point", "twenty-one", but there's some confusion. In these games there is a difference in the calculation of the nominal value cards. In the game "points" cards are considered by the digital value and Pictures: Jack, Queen, King are counted as two, three, four points respectively. Ace in both games is considered as one or eleven points. This is explained by the fact that the game Blackjack game is a deck of fifty-four cards, and in the game "points" in the deck thirty six cards and pictures replace deuce, three, etc. Blackjack game gained its popularity for its speed and simplicity of the game. In the casino, the game is played against the dealer, the challenge is to beat him, gaining the maximum amount of points close to twenty-one, but in any case no more.

Before starting as a gambling casino you must bet. You are dealt two cards, the dealer deals either one or two cards, but in any case one card open. After analyzing the cards, you decide you are worth taking another card or not. Remember, the problem as close as possible to dial the number to twenty-one points. After you typed in combination, the dealer takes the cards to himself, while he can not stay at the sum of the scores at seventeen, in this case, he must take another card. The winner is the sum of the points which more, but not more than twenty-one. If your glasses are then considered a draw.

Each card is considered by its digital par, namely deuce = 2 points, triple = 3 points, and so on up to ten. Pictures of Jack, Queen, King, unlike the game, "point", considered by ten points. Ace worth one or eleven points at the discretion of the player. All winnings are paid one to one, but if you hand at blackjack, the winning amount is paid three to two.

If you are holding two cards in that case if you want to have the opportunity to double down, unless the sum of points is not equal to twenty-one. Doubles only the rate that plays at this point. Doubling the player receives one additional card and all the more cards the player does not sound. Some casinos allow doubling in the amount of points from nine to eleven. Get your hands on the first two cards, you have the ability to opt out of the game, while you lose half your bet. However, some casino blackjack game do not provide waiver. You are either lucky or a loser.

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