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In this kind of poker hand is always going out of five cards. Two of them are at the player's hands and hidden from rivals. The other five, as has been said, gradually laid on the table and made ​​publicly available. You probably noticed that the player known 7 cards, although the hand must consist of 5. The fact that two cards remain unused, and both cards can be untapped pocket. It was so players combination may consist entirely of the community cards. In case, if two or more players the best hand is composed only of the community cards, they split the pot. Keep in mind that the cards in his hands do not have any priority over the general!

Royal Flush: The strongest and most rare combination 100% victory in hand. Consists of cards of the same suit, going by seniority from ten to ace. Straight Flush: Also going out of 5 suited cards, consecutive, but the older card - not an ace. The combination of a rare, but do occur cases where two players gather in one hand a straight flush. In this case the winner is the one who has the highest card in the above combination.

Square: This hand is formed from four cards of the same rank (eg, four 7). With two quads in the hand the player with quads collected from higher denomination cards. Fifth card hand is the highest card that is not included in the square, it can be a pocket and on the table. The fifth card plays a role when a penalty fell from 4 common cards. The winner is the player who has a card on hand greater dignity. Flash: Five cards of the same suit of any value collected flush. The strongest flash player having the highest card in the combination (the strongest flash is going to ace).

As you can see, the rules of Texas Hold'em are very simple, but we should not jump to conclusions about the ease of this game. While there are intricate and complex situation, but the game itself is complicated by psychological factors. No experience of the player has little chance of winning against the knowledgeable tactics and strategy game opponents. So before you start playing for real money online, we encourage you to read the other articles presented on our website. In them we take a closer look at the strategies of the game, the rules of money management and psychological aspects of other moments that make the game of poker so exciting pastime.

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