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In order to put the users in terms of making transactions with which to recharge their account to play online casino aams in a secure, fast, instant and cost management proposal the reach of all. Those who visit the section dedicated to the payment methods offered by online casinos legal, will be able to inspect a number of useful tools, such as credit cards and prepaid cards of the major financial circuits, the best online accounts and virtual portfolios in circulation as well as very popular among Internet users, bank transfer, check and much more. We, in this article, we will highlight the main features of the online account is more popular on the network, such as PayPal.

PayPal is the online account no longer in use among users who want to play online casinos and which usually operate over all network transactions concerning the acquisition of real services. It is a bill which became famous thanks platform for e-commerce eBay, which after a short time acquired the property, too. Given the high popularity of this method of payment, almost all online casino legal welcomed him to propose alternatives to its customers.

This payment method is extremely safe, as it allows the user to use the email address used to register for an account, to make transfers to third parties and to purchase goods and services as well as to recharge the game account online casino. Recharging takes place in a gaming account instantly and does not involve the incurrence of any transfer fee. This online account does not include payment of any fee. It provides for the payment of the cost of a € 1.50 for all transfers made ​​under € 100. For all transfers that exceed this figure, there is no cost to be incurred. Users from their PayPal account, also, have the opportunity to inspect all financial movements in and out that occur over time and allow them to better manage the resources dedicated to the online casino .

In order to make this 100% operational account online, do not forget that, after registering an account, the user must connect a credit card or debit card or a bank account to his person. In order to validate your online account, you will also need to send a valid user's identity a consumer letterhead its name (a light bill, gas, ADSL, etc.). Use your online account PayPal can be even cheaper. In fact, the best online casino legal offer of promotions that involve the payment of a deposit bonus in favor of the users who follow the transfers on your account to play online casino AAMS. Using this payment method, you can get credit on your account to play a bonus of up to a maximum of € 50 now available to be put into play by the user.

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